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It's Back By Popular Demand

Dorothy Mae and her 1978
Holiday Rambler Ramblette 

2 Nights Only • July 13th & 14th 

 July 13 & 14th Only  
Redbox Parking Lot   4242 Bryn Mawr  

Dorothy Mae Cast Sweet Back Productions

Sweetback Productions, in collaboration with Labyrinth Arts Performance Collective, presents "Dorothy Mae and Her 1978 Holiday Rambler Ramblette". Two Nights Only  July 13th & 14th. 2024 

With Kelly Anchors, Paul Brennan, Brook Celeste, Diane Hamm, Max McKune, Mike McKune, Rick Paul

About Our Play



"So if I died tonight I would end happily…


Kelly Anchors piece is so marvelous , so funny and deeper then funny…Dorothy Mae hits the road, with a lot to say,  the play flies in the slipstream of the great American road trip literature, Kerouac and Huck Finn, with large Wizard of Oz flashes ,as Dorothy Mae embraces and flees pandemic America, reporting back with a looney wide eyed amazement at the insane shape of  Trump -  Biden elections, and Dorothy does  it all with that Kelly Anchors sharp self-chastising wink underneath


…if I died tonight I would know that Chicago fringe theater , with its motley assortment of makers and home grown watchers, is alive and well, fringe theater is  beating with an unflinching wired weird ass heart in  this production! you should see it Saturday , I can’t imagine any sane reason why  you shouldn’t, drop any and all your other plans to make sure you don’t miss it… the production takes place in a big parking lot across from a cemetery in front of Kelly Anchors impulse buy camper that doubles as second lead character and irreplaceable set piece …the film work in the play is tight, sharply made by Paul Brennan, who also plays a variety of small roles as if he has just walked off a warner brothers set and got cast in an R.Crumb sketch …


Mike and Max McKune shine in quick bits and the songs pepper the monologue but its Kelly Anchors, writer and performer that pulls off this tour deforce love letter to a crippled America.  Hope it comes back and a lot of you see it."

Dorothy Mae


Elevator Tours 

There is a $10 suggested donation for Elevator Tours: The Illustrated Audio Play by Barrie Cole featuring Carolyn Hoerdemann and Colm O' Reilly. Illustrations by Jules Darling. Recorded and Edited by Paul Brennan.  Press the pay button above to purchase. Your purchase will offset the substantial cost of producing 5 plays. If you cannot afford the $10, please send an email to  and it will be sent to you free of charge.

Sweetback Productions

Kelly Anchors & Mike McKune 

Sweetback Productions was founded in 1994 by Kelly Anchors and Mike McKune. Their first play was an adaptation of The Queen of Spades from Jeanette Winterson’s novel, The Passion. They continued with a string of hit late-night parodies of cult films that includes: Plan 9 From Outer Space, Female Trouble, Super Pussy Vixen, Go Faster! Kill! Scarrie! The Musical, The Birds and Freaks.


Sweetback now focuses on more obscure and original works like Deep Fried and Suck My Nose, which featured Mike, Kelly, their son Max and Kelly’s mother, Mamaw, weaving storytelling while tap dancing and singing hymns.


Bipolar Bitch was a mystical ride into psychotic experiences and Dorothy Mae and the 1978 Holiday Rambler Ramblette was an outdoor extravaganza detailing Kelly’s roadtrip across the southwest during the Trump re-election season.


Last year, their son Max continued the tradition by directing and starring in Sam Shepard’s Tooth of Crime. Sweetback is beyond thrilled to be producing Hamburgers and Disappointment, a festival of Barrie Cole’s plays. Kelly was lucky enough to work with Barrie in Prop Theater’s 2013 production of Clumsy Sublime. 

Kelly Anchors & Mike McKune Sweetback Productions


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